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Install R and Rstudio with Homebrew on macOS

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How to install R and Rstudio with Homebrew on macOS. The programming language R is widely used across statisticians for data mining and data analysis. Additionally, RStudio provides an IDE for R.

Install R and RStudio with Homebrew on macOS

The R language can be downloaded from the R project website or through Homebrew. Homebrew is a package manager for macOS that allows you to easily install third-party software and keep it up-to-date. To install Homebrew, see my article on the Homebrew setup on macOS.

Install R

The R project provides official binaries for Homebrew that can be installed from the Terminal with the following command:

brew cask install r

Alternatively, the Homebrew-compiled version of R omits the GUI app and can be installed with the command:

brew install r

The R GUI is a simple editor that provides a console to run scripts written in the R language. The RStudio is a more comprehensive GUI to write scripts.

Install Rstudio

The integrated development environment (IDE) Rstudio is a wide-spread syntax-highlighting development environment for R. The Rstudio can be installed from Homebrew with the following command:

brew cask install rstudio

Using above command, Rstudio will be installed in the path /Applications/ You can start RStudio either by searching it using the Spotlight search, or you navigate to the Applications folder and double-click it.

Updates to R or Rstudio can now be managed with Homebrew. The brew update and brew upgrade commands will retrieve and install the latest versions.